Kiatphontip gym’s training routines have earned a well deserved reputation for providing high quality training, to prepare fighters for competition at the highest level. The training is adaptable though and we welcome trainees of all levels and the trainers will adapt the training to suit each person. The trainers will push you and try to bring out the best in you. There is no designated style at Kiatphontip and the trainers will look to work with each individual to create the best style for them.

Morning training

Our morning sessions traditionally start with a long run, depending on your level and what your’e training for, up to 12 kilometres for the fighters. After that there is work in the gym with bag and pad work, technical sparring and sometimes strength and conditioning circuits. The training is adapted on a day to day basis by our training staff.

Afternoon training

The afternoon session has a stronger emphasis on work in the gym, with pad work with a designated trainer to bag work and clinching. There will be boxing sparring 3 times a week as well as technical sparring at other times. The training routine is adapted on a day to day basis by our training staff.

Kiatphontip gym has strong connections with all the main promoters in Thailand from Lumpini and Ratchadamnern stadiums to Max Muaythai and many other fight shows. We always look for opportunities for our students to compete and look to get them the best match-ups we can, not putting our fighters in with an easy opponent just for the win, but looking for them to develop as fighters, we also don’t put our fighters in fights where they will not have a decent chance of winning just for the sake of a good payday.