About us

Kiatphontip gym was established 16 years ago in Phattalung province Southern Thailand, before opening a new facility in Bangkok in 2008, that soon earned a well deserved reputation for providing first class Muaythai training. The gym produced such names as Jompop Kiatphontip, a former number one ranked fighter at Ratchadamnern stadium and top Sukonesongchai fighter and former Thamjai Superyak tournament champion and Ratchadamnern title challenger Samingprai Kiatphontip.

Rattapol padwork

Since opening in May 2008, the gym has seen Samsamut Kiatchongkao win both the Thailand and Ratchadamnern Lightweight titles and Pe-teng Kiatphontip win first the Southern Thailand title followed by the World Muaythai Council Mini-flyweight World title and the WBC Muaythai Super-bantamweight World title and Denkriengkrai Kiatphontip won the Onesongchai Thairath TV Miniflyweight title. Kiatphontip gym also saw Soichi Porchetta and Alexis Rufus both win WPMF Women’s Muaythai World titles while representing the gym.

Training at Kiatphontip is geared to all levels of people who wish to train in Muaythai, whether you are an experienced fighter, or just starting out, whether you want to get in shape and learn the art, or want to test your skills inside the Muaythai ring.

Our trainers will adapt the training to suite your needs and develop your skills and style. The training is authentic Muaythai style and you train alongside and with our stable of talented young Thai fighters. At Kiatphontip the foreign students are treated as equal to the Thai fighters and the training is the same for everyone, whether you are a beginner, or an experienced, high level fighter. You are not expected to do anything you can’t manage though and are strongly advised to build into any hard training routines.
There is no set style of fighting for Kiatphontip, with each fighter developed into the style that best suites their own physical abilities. If you wish to work on a particular technique or develop your style in a particular way, this can be adapted into your training programme.

Kiatphontip have had several top level foreign boxers come to train and fight for the gym and we can arrange fights easily, being careful to make sure the match-up is as good as possible, so our foreign boxers get a decent learning fight, but don’t get matched out of their depth at the same time. We have had foreign boxers compete at Lumpini and Ratchadamnern stadiums, both the King and Queen’s birthday shows, Max Muaythai and many other fight cards around Thailand.